A much needed new book for anyone looking to have a better relationship

Learn 5 simple habits that will begin to improve your relationship immediately!


  • Are you and your partner considering a divorce?
  • Have you recently encountered a traumatic and painful event in your relationship, such as an affair?
  • Has your relationship simply fallen into a bit of a rut?
  • Are you and your partner fighting frequently?



Note from the author, Elliott Connie:

I have spent years focusing my work on couples therapy, writing books about working with couples and traveling the world teaching clinicians to work with couples. It has truly been an amazing ride. In that time, I have worked with tens of thousands of couples and have begun to answer the question that has plagued me since my childhood: what makes some couples successful and other couples unsuccessful?  I have found that there are certain very specific habits that lead to long-term success.  This book will share those habits and practices with you and allow you to be able to apply these lessons to your relationship immediately.


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Solution Brief Therapy is an approach to psychotherapy that focuses on a person’s greatest desires instead of the problems to be reduced. As a result of this focus, this approach to helping is much more simple than traditional more problem focused approaches. Elliott Connie has written a book that brings the ideas and principles of the Solution Focused Approach into a usable form to allow the reader to apply in their relationship immediately. Elliott has been a leader in the field of using the Solution Focused Approach in couples therapy and has traveled around the world conducting trainings and workshops teaching practitioners this form of therapy. He is also the author of the book Solution Building in Couples Therapy and was the co-editer of the book The Art of Solution Focused Therapy.


About the Author, Elliott Connie:

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